Commercial Real Estate International Business Trends

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In contrast to the large cap commercial market transactions reported by RCA (aggregated at $10 million and above), most REALTORS® who specialize in commercial real estate managed investment deals averaging less than $2.5 million per deal, frequently located in secondary and tertiary markets. The Commercial Real Estate International Business Trends 2018 focuses on this significant segment of the economy and real estate markets. 


  • 59% of respondents closed commercial real estate deals in 2017 
  • Respondents who closed a transaction had a median of 6 transactions, and an average of 9 commercial transactions. 
  • 18% respondents closed a sale involving international clients/investors 
  • Over the past five years, 35% of survey respondents experienced an increase in the number of international clients 
  • Respondents who closed transactions with international sellers had a median of two seller-side international sales (two in 2016). 


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