Quick Takeaways

  • Top reasons to buy a home in the U.S. include political and economic unrest in the buyer’s home country
  • Buyers are looking for a permanent home or investment for the family
  • Wealth preservation is another important reason for buying a home here

Source: International Buyers are Trickling Back to Miami (Mansion Global, Oct. 3, 2021)

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Miami is attracting many home buyers from Latin America. Find out the reasons for this influx of buyers. Some buyers are looking for a second or third home as an investment, but others are looking to make a permanent move to the U.S. According to the Texas REALTORS®, international home buying has grown in the Lone Star state. Mexico is the top home buying country in Texas. Get the latest statistics from NAR’s International Transactions in U.S. Residential Real Estate.

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Our attendees are sales agents, associate brokers, broker-owners and real estate office staff, and they represent a variety of different office sizes and business franchises. Visitors come from all 50 U.S. states and several U.S. territories. The event also welcomes 1,500 international real estate professionals from over 65 countries. Approximately one-third of attendees are first-time visitors each year.

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International Real Estate Information Sources

AFIRE - Established in 1988, AFIRE is a nonprofit trade association headquartered in Washington, DC, and is an essential forum providing high-value thought leadership for real estate leaders from around the world. AFIRE’s members includes nearly 200 leading global institutional investors, investment managers, and supporting partners from 24 countries representing approximately US$3 trillion in real estate assets under management (AUM) in the US.

Global Property Guide - Our focus is financial. You may know what type of property you want. That's your choice, and it is partly or largely subjective. What you probably won't know is the rent that you might earn in another country, what you'll be taxed, and what the landlord and tenant law is, whether the property market appears to have good prospects. We examine these financial aspects of your purchase, comparing them across countries, so as to help you make choices.

Global Real Estate Project (University of Denver) - Our goal is to provide students, investors, and the general public with the tools they need to research real estate opportunities both domestic and abroad. We aim to provide the latest real estate trends data as well as thoughtful analysis and insight into doing business in many different countries around the world.

PropertyWire - PropertyWire.com is an online channel focused on news from both the residential and commercial real estate sectors. It is aimed at key business decision makers from industries such as estate agencies, property development and construction, surveying, architecture to a broad range of readers who just have a general interest in bricks and mortar.

The World Property Journal -.Our editorial focus and goal is simple -- to help all active property buyers, sellers, investors and tenants worldwide -- make more informed transaction decisions. Period.

Finding & Working With International Clients

The Wealthy Latin Americans Shaking Up Miami’s Real Estate Market (El Pais, Oct. 14, 2021)

“Chileans, because of their culture, traditionally invest in Chile. Now, although it not a major player, there is an increase in the number of Chileans looking to buy,” says Pintos. Over the last two months, he adds, he has held interviews with Chilean realtors looking to specialize in selling property in Miami from Chile.

International Buyers are Trickling Back to Miami (Mansion Global, Oct. 3, 2021)

“Most of the Peruvians we work with want to move to Miami permanently,” Mr. Rodriguez-Tellaheche said. “They’re buying bigger houses for their kids and because they have more family members coming behind them.”

Texas International Homebuyers Report (Texas REALTORS®, 2021)

Forty-two percent of international homebuyers in Texas came from the Latin America/Caribbean region, and 30% originated from the Asian/Oceania region. Texas was the top destination for international homebuyers from Mexico. Of all homebuyers from Mexico purchasing a home in the U.S., 29% bought a home in Texas. Among buyers from India, 11% chose Texas.

How Can a Foreigner Buy Property in USA – A Complete Guide (HomeAbroad, Aug. 28, 2021)

Ideally, the right real estate agent should have an expert qualification such as a CIPS (Certified International Property Specialist) designation. A CIPS designee has undergone specialized training to complete international transactions seamlessly with reduced risk. They have the expertise to work with international clients – both foreign-born individuals residing in the US and non-resident buyers of US real estate. In addition, these specialized real-estate agents are usually fluent in multiple languages. They can help you find your way around any local state-specific rules and regulations while being knowledgeable about your cultural or language-specific needs.

Experts: Global Vaccines to Bring Foreign Buyers Back (REALTOR® Magazine Daily News, Aug. 6, 2021)

But as vaccines pick up globally, pent-up demand among foreign buyers is expected to be unleashed once again. Already, there are some signs of a return in pockets across the country. A housing development in the Dallas-Fort Worth area saw 130 homes sold the first day that lots were released. Most of the buyers were investors from foreign countries snatching up properties in bulk.

AFIRE 2021 International Investor Report (AFIRE, May 4, 2021)

ASIA-PAC, EUROPE, AND CANADA Are the top three regions for increased capital flow into the US in the next three to five years, though most of the capital for US investment (35%) also originates in the US.

International Transactions in U.S. Residential Real Estate (National Association of REALTORS®, 2021)

Top 5 Foreign Buyers

  • Canada (8% of foreign buyers, $4.2 B)
  • Mexico (7% of foreign buyers, $2.9 B)
  • China (6% of foreign buyers, $4.5 B)
  • India (4% of foreign buyers, $3.1 B)
  • United Kingdom (4% of foreign buyers, $2.3 B)

CFIUS Real Estate Instructions (Part 802) (U.S. Department of the Treasury)

Pursuant to FIRRMA, CFIUS is authorized to review certain transactions involving the purchase or the lease by, or a concession to, a foreign person of certain real estate in the United States, beginning on February 13, 2020.

Global Resources From the REALTOR® Organization

Center for Real Estate Development is an Internet-based education delivery system where real estate professionals can takes courses online, click this link to browse the catalog for details on how to take the five required CIPS designation courses online.

The Certified International Property Specialist Network (CIPS) is made up of real estate professionals in over 60 countries, who focus on an international clientele. Through NAR's alliances with 81 national and regional Cooperating Associations worldwide, more and more members are joining the network from outside the United States. You can locate a CIPS Network member through our online directory by specific business, location and language specialties.Also follow CIPS on Facebook.

Global Alliances — NAR maintains formal relationships with 100 organized real estate associations around the world, giving REALTORS® confidence in working with professionals that abide by a code of ethics. These bilateral partnerships exist in 85 countries to help you establish business partnerships and referral opportunities.

Global Perspectives — a bimonthly newsletter, which serves as a resource for global professionals who wish to globalize their local market.

Global Resources for Association Executives — The first step toward building global business is to raise awareness among REALTORS® that opportunities exist at the local level. Nearly every REALTOR® in America has access to global and multicultural clients, but many are unaware of the possibilities that engagement of those groups can create .Association Executives can promote global awareness and business in many ways.

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International Real Estate Research — from The National Association of REALTORS® Find out about international transactions in U.S. residential real estate, state-by-state international business reports and much more.

Realtor.com® International — Discover our list of all the available countries/regions and start searching for your global property.

Resort Area & Second Home Specialty Resources on nar.realtor — Find out about the Resort and Second-Home Property Specialist and connect with other members working in this real estate segment.

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