Regional Election Results

Each of the 2024 Eligible Candidates for Regional Vice President shown below was approved by a majority of votes cast in each Region. Each RVP Eligible Candidate will be placed on the slate of candidates for election by the Board of Directors at the REALTORS® Legislative Meetings in May 2023.

The Credentials and Campaign Rules Committee presents the following list of 2024 Eligible Candidates to campaign for NAR Elected Office:

Candidate Name City, State Office
Tracy Kasper Eagle, ID President*
Kevin Sears Springfield, MA President-Elect
Kevin Brown Tahoe Vista, CA First Vice President
Leil Koch Kula, HI First Vice President
Candidate Name City, State Region
Stephen Medeiros Dartmouth, MA RVP: Region 1
Jennifer Stevenson Ogdensburg, NY RVP: Region 2
Jay Mitchell Virginia Beach, VA RVP: Region 3
David Kent Mt. Pleasant, SC RVP: Region 4
Faron King Blairsville, GA RVP: Region 5
Sara Calo Mayfield, OH RVP: Region 6
Bernice Helman Terre Haute, IN RVP: Region 7
Jennifer Burkamper Boone, IA RVP: Region 8
Amy Bladow Norman, OK RVP: Region 9
Marvin Jolly Plano, TX RVP: Region 10
Devon Viehman Jackson Hole, WY RVP: Region 11
Evelyn Arnott Fairbanks, AK RVP: Region 12
Jennifer Branchini Pleasanton, CA RVP: Region 13

*In accordance with the NAR Constitution, the office of President-Elect automatically succeeds to President. Therefore, the 2024 NAR President will be Tracy Kasper, Eagle, ID.

The election of the 2024 NAR Elected Officers will be held during the NAR Board of Directors meeting at the 2023 REALTOR® Legislative Meetings & Trade Expo. If you have any questions, please contact Deanne Rymarowicz, Associate Counsel,

View the RVP regional map (PDF: 1 MB)