The members listed below have been selected to serve as NAR's appointees to Outside Organizations. NAR asks its appointees to act as liaisons between the two organizations, keeping the Leadership Team informed of important industry events and trends that might impact the National Association and/or our membership. 

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American Property Owners Alliance, LLC

Kathy Fowler, OK
Jim Imhoff, WI
Marvin Jolly, TX

Appraisal Foundation Advisory Council, The (TAFAC)

Carol DiSanto, NY

Appraisal Foundation Board of Trustees, The

Francois Gregoire, FL

Asian Real Estate Association of America Advisory Board

Linda Lee, CA

Center for REALTOR® Development

Kenny Parcell, UT
Marc Gould, IL

Fannie Mae Advisory Council

Bob Goldberg, IL


Katie Johnson, IL

IHC Global

Katie Johnson, IL
Alejandro Escudero, IL

National Association of REALTORS® Business Activities Corporation (NARBAC)

Nancy Lane, MS
Mark Birschbach, IL
Bob Goldberg, IL
John Pierpoint, IL
John Flor, WI

Real Estate Roundtable

Charlie Dawson, IL

REALTOR® Canada, Inc.

Bob Goldberg, IL
Charlie Oppler, NJ
Vince Malta, CA® Advisory Board

Leslie Rouda Smith, TX
Kenny Parcell, UT
Bob Goldberg, IL

REALTORS® Information Network, Inc.

Leslie Rouda Smith, TX
Kenny Parcell, UT
Charlie Oppler, NJ
Vince Malta, CA
Bob Goldberg, IL
Mark Birschbach, IL
Tracy Kasper, ID

REALTORS® Relief Foundation

Nancy Lane, MS
Leigh T Brown, NC
Mike Ford, AR
Martin Edwards, TN
David Charron, MD
Shanta Patton, NV
Travis Kessler, TX
Gary Rodgers, MA

Reaume Foundation

Nancy Lane, MS

REALTORS® Property Resource, LLC

Bob Goldberg, IL
Shadrick (Shad) Bogany, TX
Chris Mygatt, CO
Mary Grant, FL
Shelley Specchio, IN
Christina Pappas, FL
Emily Chenevert, TX
Bill Milliken, MI
Sherry Chris, NJ

RPR Advisory Council

Brad Bjelke, UT
Christian Barnes, KS
Joan Docktor, NJ
Jim Speer, NY
Chris Kelly, TX
Tyrone Adams, CO
Tracy Kasper, ID
Ryan Mclaughlin, VA
Mike Mcgrew, KS
John Letourneau, IL
Candace Cooke, TX
Susan Martins-Phipps, RI
Asa Fleming, NC
Mike Mcgee, PA
Nancy Lane, MS
Nina Dosanjh, CA
Ayoub Rabah, IL
Cliff Long, FL
Greg Moore, OR
Brian Donnellan, MD
Kenny Parcell, UT
Krista Clark, IA
Kristin Smith, TX
Bob Turner, TN
Tommy Choi, IL
Derek Sprague, CA

Second Century Ventures, LLC

Bob Goldberg, IL
Tiffany Curry, TX
Jarrod Grasso, NJ
Hana Yang, CA
Desiree Patno, CA
Charlie Oppler, NJ
Ines Hegedus-Garcia, FL
David Lockwood, SC
Bill Brown, CA

Worldwide Employee Relocation Council's U.S. Advisory Council (ERC)

Denise Talboy, FL