Natural, organic design elements are at the core of this home style. Just make sure not to take the design concept too literally.
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The rustic style exudes nature and organic warmth. Raw natural elements in architecture and a weathered look in décor are key to achieving rustic charm. It can often get thrown in with other design styles, such as rustic farmhouse or rustic industrial. Such décor is all about emphasizing organic and earthy textiles—things that come straight from the Earth. Rustic styles often blend the outdoors with the indoors, showcasing ceiling beams and wood trims around doorways and windows.

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Common features: A welcoming fireplace, wooden beamed ceilings, and a neutral and natural color scheme are characteristic of rustic décor. Area rugs, such as animal hide, repurposed accessories, and weathered materials are often used, too. Nothing should feel new in a rustic design; materials should appear aged—even if they’re not. Warm, earthy colors are signature rustic elements, but brown isn’t your only option. Other colors that reflect nature, such as magenta and lime green, can also be incorporated.

What to watch out for: Fight the urge to translate this style too literally. Avoid taxidermy, such as moose or cow heads—arguably an unwise design element for home styles across the board. Think “natural” in the artistic sense. The rustic style often weaves in animal hides, so you may want to consider faux versions. Also, avoid shiny accessories with this look. Use wood or rusted metal hardware or woven baskets that are more characteristic of a “rustic” style.

Professional staging tip: Most rustic homes feature wood, stone, and metals. To complement the earthy elements, choose leather pieces of furniture and neutral or warm-toned colored pillows to help your eye rest. —Nichol Sandoval, DreamHome Staging & ReDesign, Hollister, Calif.

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Accessories to Consider

Wooden lantern: Display a distressed wooden lantern either indoors or outdoors for a finishing touch. This lantern measures 12 inches in height and features a metal hoop to hang on the wall or use as a rustic centerpiece. $32.99

Rustic table lamp: Outfit a nightstand or tabletop with this brown, rust-coated table lamp featuring exposed Edison bulbs. The lamp includes a dimmer switch in the plug to customize the light. $60

Wooden storage basket: Use this basket to hold fresh red apples on a kitchen countertop or for other storage. The wooden finish can accessorize a fireplace or lay on the floor. $62.99

Faux fur throw: Drape this heavy faux fur blanket over a sofa as a luxurious accent. This reversible blanket is touted as being super soft and can add texture to your furnishings. $76.99

Cowhide rug: Lay a jagged, brown-white cowhide rug against the wood floors in front of the fireplace or to ground a living area. This faux rawhide beige and brown rug can help you create a focal point. $299

Sliding barn door: Mount a barn door to add privacy as well as artwork to your doorway. This finished wood barn door can also solve design dilemmas, since you don’t have to account for a door swing in the opening. $449.50




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