For oceanfront homes, tie the aquatic environment into the staging to give your listing extra pizzazz.
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Think bright and breezy; the coastal style sets the mood for beach life. Maybe you have a listing near a lake or the ocean, where a coastal/beach style theme makes sense. With this type of staging, consider soft pastel colors and nautical accessories to enhance your themed look.

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Common features: Light colors, whites, and pastels such as soft blues are key to softening up a coastal interior. Let the sunshine pour in with sparse window treatments. If the listing is lacking in windows, strategically placed mirrors can help brighten the interior. White slipcovers over furnishings can also help brighten a look. Lighten the floorings and furnishings, too—whitewashed, blond maple, or bamboo are common in coastal design. And a few strategically placed beachy accessories, such as shells, sea glass, and starfish, frequently accompany this style.

What to watch for: Don’t overdo the beach theme. A few strategic nautical accessories will suffice. Don’t place a seashell, oar, fish, or other nautical accessory on every tabletop or shelf.

Professional staging tip: Our team added coastal charm by pairing soft beige and blue hues with glass, metallic, and rustic wood accents throughout. We also enhanced the look with a navy- and cream-striped area rug, a coral sculpture for the coffee table, and an anchor design for the wall. —Patti Stern, PJ & Company Staging and Interior Decorating, Cheshire, Conn.

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Accessories to Consider

A coral touch: Use white coral to dress up tabletops or mantels. This coral is 15 inches wide and 10 inches high. $29.50

Striped shower curtain: Bring in a striped shower curtain to complement a beach themed home. Choose one of four color options: grey/white; gold/white; navy/white; or sky blue/white. $49.49

Netted table lamp: Turn the lights on with this beachy lamp for a desk or tabletop. The table lamp features a rope netting. $89

Coastal mirror: Hang a mirror that gives a nod to the nautical theme while also lightening up an interior. This mirror mimics a ship’s window. $99.99

Ocean life artwork: Tie in the nautical theme with the artwork for a display on the fireplace mantel or the wall. This piece features sailboats painted on wooden boards. $159

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