Modern Style: Minimalist With Splash of Color

Whites, blacks, and grays are the staple of the modern home style, but work in accents in bright, primary colors.
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A modern home style is all about minimalism. Midcentury modern, a style popularized in the 1950s but whose roots go back to the ‘20s, is the focal point of the modern style movement. It tends to feature open spaces that are light, clean, and organized. The style ironically is referred to as “retro”—the opposite of modern.

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Common features: Color is used in moderation in midcentury modern homes. The walls are often white or neutral shades of black and white. Primary colors typically are reserved for accents or to create focal points, such as colorful abstract wall art. The modern look tends to have clean, straight lines and no additional detailing on furnishings. It’s most often used for open floor plans and areas where there is a lack of moldings or trimming on windows, doors, and walls.

What to watch out for: Midcentury modern homes sometimes evoke a cold, sterile feeling. But adding texture such as plush fabrics—think fur throws and sheepskins—and greenery can help soften the look.

Professional staging tip: We chose neutral furnishings with clean lines paired with colorful accent pillows and other stylish accessories to enhance the home’s unique architectural features and help buyers emotionally connect with the home. —Patti Stern, PJ & Company Staging and Interior Decorating, Cheshire, Conn.

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Accessories to Consider

Sculpture: Incorporate a sculpture with modern style. This hero sculpture features rock-climbing figures in a distressed bronze finish. $32.55

Retro clock: Accentuate your space with this black-on-white contrast wall clock made of 100 percent recycled material. $87.99

Abstract artwork: Add a splash of sunny yellow color to your otherwise neutral modern backdrop. This canvas features three separate panels and is gallery-wrapped around a one-inch solid wood frame. It measures 36 inches by 28 inches. $97.84

White blossoms: Add plants to the mix—and if it’s not real, get a good imitation. This floral arrangement is 56 inches tall and tucked inside a coordinating vase for a white-on-white, clean look. It’s also available in gray. $100.99

Sunburst mirror: Hang an accent mirror to brighten up a space and create a focal point. This sunburst mirror could be the starlight of a room, featuring golden spindles connected to smaller circular mirrors. $199.99




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