What Is a Global Business Council?

Global Business Councils are groups within the local or state board structure of NAR dedicated to globally themed education, programming, and networking for their members.

The council, compromised of volunteers and staff liaisons, takes the lead in planning global programs, hosting educational events and collaborating with other boards and outside entities to build awareness among members of the global business opportunities within their own market.

The council acts as a REALTOR®-driven community organization, helping REALTORS® build partnerships with globally-minded businesses, mortgage brokers, attorneys, and other relevant local entities as well as positions their association as the voice for global real estate in the local market.

Over 130 Global Business Councils currently exist at state and local associations across the country, operating on annual budgets ranging from $0 to five-figure endowments.

Why Are Global Business Councils Important?

In today’s world, you can’t make any smart business decisions without discussing the global supply chain or the global economy. Your association, your community, and your members are all part of that global economy. REALTORS® are always trying to gain and maintain their competitive edge, and more than $100 billion worth of U.S. residential and commercial real estate is sold to foreign and immigrant buyers annually.

Global business includes transactions with foreign nationals, immigrant clients, buyers with extended family abroad, employees/owners of foreign corporations, multilingual families, and other groups residing in communities in every state.

Global Business Councils communicate the importance of these opportunities and underscore REALTORS'® international and multicultural real estate transaction expertise and potential.

Global Business Council Events

Global Councils provide NAR members with unique opportunities to participate in globally themed education, programming and networking. Whether it's a seminar on "How to do Business with China" or hosting an Inbound Trade Mission with an NAR Cooperating Association, don't miss out on the chance to expand your knowledge and your business. Check the Global Events page to find events near you.

Trade Missions

One of the attributes of a strong Global Business Council is to be involved in organizing either an inbound or outbound trade mission. Trade Missions are international trips organized for the purpose of exploring international business opportunities, learning about a foreign market, and building relationships.

The Trade Missions are hosted by local and state Global Business Councils for the purpose of fostering international real estate connections. Upcoming trade missions are listed on the Global Events page.

Frequently Asked Questions About Trade Missions

NOTE: NAR is not a sponsor or organizer of the Trade Missions listed on this web site and is in no way responsible for these events. These details are being provided for informational purposes only. The indicated local or state association or NAR Cooperating Association is responsible for their respective Trade Mission(s). Please contact that organization with any questions or for additional information.