Leadership Summit speakers share their motivational insights, inspiring messages, and lessons they’ve learned from their businesses. Speaker information for 2024 will be updated when available. Take a look back at the speakers from 2023!


Meet the 2023 Leadership Summit Speakers

Jess Biller

Jess Biller
Paramount Consulting Group

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Jess is the president of Paramount Consulting Group. He and his team work with businesses in the real estate industry who desire to build high-performing teams. Using a patented process, he helps organizations make more informed hiring decisions and select employees who will be passionate, effective and engaged.

As a Certified Professional Behavior Analyst, Jess helps leaders navigate their organization’s No. 1 challenge: harnessing human potential. Working with individuals or teams, he brings keen insights that challenge current thinking and perspectives, resulting in better decisions and actions.

Prior to starting Paramount Consulting, Jess owned and led a business that began on a shoestring and grew into a multimillion-dollar contracting business serving customers in the commercial sector.

Jamie Cochran Headshot

Jamie Cochran
Echelon Front

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Jamie Cochran joined Leif Babin and Jocko Willink as the first employee at Echelon Front in 2014. She quickly expanded her initial role as Director of Operations and was named Chief Operating Officer in early 2021. After earning her degree in Business Marketing and Communications, Jamie served in leadership positions in several organizations to include Glacier Bay, a boutique hedge fund as the Client Relations Director; San Diego State University as a Programs Director; and Tiffany & Company as a Visual Creative Director. Here at Echelon Front, she leads a diverse team that oversees all business operations and events. Her team also coordinates Echelon Front engagements across the globe, ensuring a world-class client experience. Jamie embraces the mindset of Extreme Ownership and implements it across all aspects of her business and life. As a speaker and Leadership Instructor, she makes the connection between the combat leadership principles of Extreme Ownership and how she implements them in her life as a business leader, woman, mother of three, and wife of a former Navy SEAL.

Melissa Majors Headshot

Melissa Majors
Melissa Majors Consulting

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Melissa Majors has spent 25+ years of her career optimizing the business impact of education, innovation, inclusion, and leadership. She started Melissa Majors Consulting to drive better strategic decision-making in these areas and works with organizations across the country to effectively measure their inclusion and diversity performance. She has extensive experience at Meeting Professionals International, Ellucian, and other organizations, in improving profitability, boosting organizational performance, and optimizing inclusion strategies.

Melissa is the author of The 7 Simple Habits of Inclusive Leaders, a book on how great leaders drive higher profitability by incorporating inclusive practices – purchase your copy in the REALTOR® store!

Melissa Majors is a crowd-pleasing speaker who masters brain-friendly talks that engage her audiences and spark not just inspiration but action.

Allison Massari Headshot

Allison Massari 

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Allison Massari knows that you have the power to transform lives. As an advocate for both patient and provider, Massari has an intimate understanding of the demands and challenges of the medical profession. She experienced firsthand the critical value of receiving personalized health care from committed teams, and empathetic providers after surviving two life-threatening car accidents, one where she suffered second and third degree burns on over 50% of her body. In addition, raised by her father, an Oncology surgeon, and her mother, a nurse, Allison was mentored in the world of medicine from an early age.

Captivated by her father’s compassionate work, she shadowed him in his practice, and also worked in hospitals and medical office settings. Allison’s riveting and courageous journey from absolute loss to a triumphant and hope-filled life, addresses sensitive topics, shining light on the your immense value to a patient who is suffering, and helping to reinvigorate teams and heal burnout in the workplace.

Corey Mize Headshot

Corey Mize
Echelon Front

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Corey Mize joined Echelon Front in 2021 as a member of the Leadership Development and Alignment Program.  She is currently the Sustainment Training Manager. 

After earning her degree in Computer Science, Corey spent several years working for the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers where she worked her way up from software developer to project manager of multiple teams. During her time in the Corps she also got the opportunity to lead a team of internal Extreme Ownership trainers that focused on embedding a culture of EO within their organization.  Before joining Echelon Front, Corey left the Corps to lead Base Camp Coding Academy as its Executive Director, and she was also a part time instructor of freshman and senior level courses at both Mississippi State University and the University of Mississippi.

 Here at Echelon Front, Corey is responsible for developing training curriculums for our clients, managing our sustainment training programs, and assisting with instruction.