Thank You for Attending Leadership Summit

Save the date for next year's event, happening August 26-27, 2024, in Chicago, IL.

See you next year!

Now Available: The 2024 NAR Leadership Resource Guide

Front cover image of the 2024 NAR Leadership Resource Guide

Leadership Summit Basics

Who Attends?

The Leadership Summit is invite-only. Invited to attend are the President-Elects and Association Executives of:

  • Local and State Association
  • Regional MLSs
  • Commercial Overlay Boards and commercial structures with 100+ members
  • National Institutes, Societies and Councils 


Leadership Week

Leadership Week is a full week of education, motivation & inspiration for incoming leaders. Leadership Week 2024 begins August 24.

Ignite Others

NAR members are beacons in their communities—bright points of light that Ignite Others to take action for the greater good.