Fostering Business Competition

The National Association of REALTORS® guidelines for independent, local MLS marketplaces that promote innovation and make it possible for residential real estate businesses of all types and sizes to compete.


Provide Business Opportunities

Many different service and fee business models – from varied commission models to flat fees – thrive in local broker marketplaces.


Enable Comprehensive Marketplaces

Access to inventory and widespread advertising, along with the practice of the listing broker paying the buyer brokers’ compensation, incentivizes local broker participation.


Ensure Reliable Data Access

NAR guidelines for local MLS broker marketplaces enable hubs of trusted, verified information where all participants have equitable access.


Create Connections

Local MLS broker marketplaces create the largest opportunity for connections between real estate agents with properties to sell and those with clients looking to buy.


Advance Small Business

Compiling housing information that is accessible to all businesses, in one place, allows smaller real estate brokerages to compete with larger ones.


Encourage Entrepreneurship

Because of lower barriers to entry enabled by local MLS broker marketplaces, new market entrants can advance technology, consumer service and other innovations.

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Local MLS Broker Marketplaces in Action

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