…Litigation is a long, complex process that will not be resolved for years, and NAR takes each case and legal development seriously. NAR leadership is taking proactive measures to ensure consumers continue to benefit from the access and opportunities they have today and that real estate professionals continue to be equipped and positioned to serve the best interests of those consumers. On the front, NAR has legal teams actively engaged to defend pro-consumer and pro-competitive practices in local broker marketplaces…

… It is imperative that right now, REALTORS® do all they can to communicate that reality every day in all the conversations they have and channels at their disposal. While NAR’s legal team is helping the association win in a court of law, the association asks members to play their part to help win in the court of public opinion.

FULL TEXT: Explain How REALTORS®, Local Broker Marketplaces Work - REALTOR® Magazine

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