Spring 2016: Seize the Momentum

The Opportunity Is Now

Updates on important legislative issues, introducing 2016 Commercial leadership, CRE lending trends, bringing NAR members to the international stage, global urban growth, and tech resources from RPR.

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I wonder….what would our founding fathers, the original two-party politicians - federalists and anti-federalists, think about this year's election? Among other things, I imagine, for a lot of reasons, they'd be taken aback by the vast array of political advertisements that bombard us every time we turn on the television, check our e-mail, read the newspaper, or listen to the radio. What...

Dan Wagner

Commercial Liason

What is your NAR leadership goal in your role this year?

As someone whose job it is to represent commercial real estate interests, I think it’s important to help create a greater awareness of the issues facing this vital part of the industry. Serving as a resource to explain and promote sound commercial policy such as the 1031 Exchange...

by Dave Morris, CCIM

Having participated in hundreds of property tours with various commercial agents and clients, I am rarely surprised when the listing agent gives a poor property tour. 

Maybe the worst example of this is when the listing agent doesn’t even attend the tour or substitutes someone with little/no sales skills. The property tour is the only...

With nearly $200 billion of foreign investment flowing into the United States last year, there is no doubt that opportunities are everywhere for real estate professionals involved in the transaction side. Positioning your expertise in your market can make a world of difference in gaining this business.

In March, NAR returned to MIPIM, one of the largest international real estate events...

According to the United Nations, the world’s urban population is expected to increase by 380 million people by 2020. Pause for a moment and consider what 380 million more urban dwellers means. As Knight Frank points out, that’s the equivalent of building five cities the size of Los Angeles every year between now and 2020, plus all the supporting infrastructure.

That level of growth...

by Laurie M. Brown, Marketing Communications Manager Realtors Property Resource®, LLC

Building on Land

RPR® is committed to meeting the needs of all real estate segments, including a focus on what got this industry started...land. The strength of this all-important sector is unmistakable. Last year, RPR recorded more than 450,000 on-market land listings in its...


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