Education: Tips to a Memorable Property Tour

by Dave Morris, CCIM

Having participated in hundreds of property tours with various commercial agents and clients, I am rarely surprised when the listing agent gives a poor property tour. 

Maybe the worst example of this is when the listing agent doesn’t even attend the tour or substitutes someone with little/no sales skills. The property tour is the only opportunity leading to a transaction to:

  1. listen to a prospect’s needs
  2. show feature/benefit(s) of the property
  3. receive feedback and
  4. represent the property owner in a positive, let’s-make-a-deal way.

After touring three or four properties, a prospect’s memory fades and most find it difficult to differentiate the first property from the fourth.

With 27 years worth of learning experience touring spaces, and from gathering colleagues advice, here are some tips for creating a thorough - and more importantly - memorable property tour.


  • Is the space showable? Remove old carpeting or demo dysfunctional walls/layout.
  • Confirm how much time you have for the tour and how many will attend.
  • If needed, arrange for a reserved parking spot in front for them when they arrive.
  • Research the prospect’s industry. Is it going up/down? What are their competitors doing?
  • Arrive early, open blinds, turn on ALL lights, open doors.
  • Stage the tour. Know where you will take them. Be knowledgeable about the space and property.

During the Tour

  • Bring a “tour bucket” with water bottles and protein bars to offer. (This move alone will make you a memorable stop on their tour!)
  • Be enthusiastic and keep things “light”. Smile!
  • Communicate the owner’s desire to make deals.
  • Help them visualize the space.
  • Highlight area amenities (restaurants and “errand” services).
  • Have some open ended questions prepared: “If you could change two things about your current space, what would they be?” “How has your current landlord helped you in economic ups and downs?” “What is going to influence your relocation the most?”
  • At the end of the tour, determine next steps.

Executing a good, memorable property tour has a huge impact on a prospect’s decision process. I’ve seen spaces get leased because of a leasing agent’s enthusiasm and positive attitude. I’ve experienced the reverse too when the agent is boring, doesn’t seem to care, and doesn’t know his /her listing or worse: doesn’t care to show up.

The property tour is one of the most important occasions to SELL the prospect and promote a commissionable transaction. A positive attitude goes a long way. Don’t take the opportunity lightly.

Dave Morris, CCIM is the former Managing Director of the Grubb & Ellis office in St. Louis. Message/connect with him on LinkedIn: DavidMorrisCCIM

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