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Luxurious, spa-like treatment to the bathroom can go a long way in getting buyers attention, and it doesn’t have to break the bank to get the look either. An article by Michael Keith with the Associated Press, Transforming a Bath Into a Spa Can Be Easy, contained several tips from designers on how to transform a bathroom into a relaxing, retreat.

Here are four simple tips from the article:

1. Use light colors. Try light color palettes, such as seafoam green and white. Then finish the look by using simple black-and-white photographs of ocean waves on the walls.

2. Choose white fabrics. White gives you a clean, crisp feel. Try white towels and bath mats to brighten the bathroom.

3. Play calming music. Get a small iPod dock and play music with ambient nature sounds, ocean waves, or forest breezes.

4. Accessorize. Fill glass cylinders with seashells or river rocks. Also, display a basket with rolled towels.

What budget-friendly ideas do you have for creating a spa-like bathroom?


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