Summer, 2023: Why Professional Designations Matter

Members benefit when their association staff practice self-care. In this issue, we explore how AEs thrive because of, rather than despite, their willingness to insist on work-life balance. We also delve into ways to build in balance for your staff and what to do when you’re in full-blown burnout.

Plus: how to find a mentor, approach merger talks, and guide speakers on the meaning—and pronunciation—of REALTOR®.

Invest in yourself: That’s the message of the summer 2023 issue of AExperience magazine. Association executives talk about the profound effect that designations, such as RCE, have had on their careers.  

This issue also explores how associations have approached rebuilding or renovating their headquarters and shares stories of associations grappling with the rising tide of rent control and other measures threatening to damage their markets. Plus: Get tips on avoiding antitrust liability, meeting your 2023 Core Standards requirements, and working together to thrive through a membership downturn. 

In This Issue

Associations can use The Answer Book to educate their members and board members on how to handle media calls. 


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