2020 Terry McDermott Community Leadership Award Recipient

carla rose

Carla Rose, RCE
Salisbury/Rowan Association of REALTORS®, NC


Similar to the Good Neighbor Award, the Terry McDermott Community Leadership Award recognizes those AEs, staff specialists, and regional MLS executives who go the extra mile, outside the scope of their jobs, to get involved in programs and activities that benefit the communities in which recipients live and work. Through their personal involvement, they inspire others to get involved and make a difference in the lives of others. When selecting the McDermott Award recipient, the Recommendations and Recognition Advisory Board places heavy consideration on community service and community activism apart from the work of the association.

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While strong association management skills are important to every AE's career, the McDermott Award is not an association management award. It is an award designed to honor an AE whose commitment to community, outside the scope of his/her job, is unsurpassed and therefore may not be awarded annually. The recipient of this award receives a $500 donation/honorarium made in the award recipient's name to any charity of choice.

Who Is Terry McDermott?

Terry McDermott served as executive vice president of the National Association of REALTORS® from 1998–2005.


Local and state AEs and staff specialists are eligible to receive this award.  

Award Criteria

  • Leadership - Ability to motivate and inspire others to accomplish a specific goal or objective. This involves en element of risk in order to benefit others.
  • Initiative - Demonstrates ability to take charge by creating or developing a program, project, or activity that impacts the community. Has a personal commitment to see the project through to its resolution with determined effort.
  • Creativity - Develops/proposes creative ways to accomplish the goals and objectives of the project.
  • Dedication - Is recognized by others for being dedicated to achieving the desired results. Accomplishes much within the community by his or her pursuit, courage, enthusiasm, and zeal.
  • Recognition - Recognized by others for their commitment to the success of the initiative.

Nomination Procedures

Local and state association members, leaders, and staff, along with local community groups, may nominate an AE or staff specialist for this award. Self-nominations will be considered; however, the Terry McDermott Community Leadership Award seeks the individual and may not be granted annually. Access the online nomination form here. After a nomination form has been received, NAR staff will contact the candidate and ask him or her to provide information that qualifies the candidate for this award. A $500 donation will be made in the award recipient's name to his/her charity of choice.

Selection Timeline

Applications are due annually in the fall. Selection shall be made by the AEC/Recommendations and Recognition Advisory Board during the REALTORS® Conference and Expo meetings.