Congratulations to all prior recipients of the Judith Lindenau RCE Scholarship. 


Julie Larson, Youngstown Columbiana Association, OH
Carla Rose, Salisbury/Rowan Association, NC
Tammy Stewart, St. Clair Association, AL


Misty Miller, Ashland Board of REALTORS®


Charlene Bellavance, Carolina Smokies Association of REALTORS®, NC
Elizabeth Hiett, Newnan Coweta Board of REALTORS®, GA
Deborah Leber, Mid Shore Board of REALTORS®, MD


Tina Dorward, Ozaukee REALTORS Association, WI
Norma Jayne, Ithaca Board, NY


Holly Callanan, RCE, Ridgefield Board of REALTORS®, CT 
Suzy Hurlbert, Greater HartfordAssociation of REALTORS®, CT 
Sara Zimmerman, Northwest Minnesota Association of REALTORS®


Gina Jones, Johnson County Association of REALTORS®, TX
Dawn Kerr, Rocky Mount Area Association of REALTORS®, NC
Lindsey Knight, Indiana Commercial Board of REALTORS®
DaVina Lara, Palm Springs Regional Association of REALTORS®, CA
Debbie Pipes, Central Hill County Board of REALTORS®, TX
Kelly Travis, RCE, St. Cloud Area Association of REALTORS®, MN


Michele Holen, RCE, Clark County Board of REALTORS®, WA


Cindy Ferguson, RCE, REALTORS® of South Central Kansas
Lois Monette, Greater Manchester/Nashua Board of REALTORS®, NH
Paula Nash, RCE, Mid Carolina Regional Association of REALTORS®, NC
Susan Page, RCE, Southeastern Indiana Board of REALTORS®, IN
Sue Pyzynski, RCE, Mid State Association of REALTORS ®, CT


Viva Aldrich, Wilkes County Association of REALTORS®, NC
Jean Beck, RCE, Hilton Area Head Association of REALTORS®, SC
Modene Gaulke, RCE, Montrose Association of REALTORS®, CO
Donna Reynolds, RCE, Santa Fe Association of REALTORS®, NM
Roxann Shaffer, RCE, West Central Association of REALTORS®, OH
Richard Stauffer, RCE, Hampton North Fork REALTORS® Association, NY


Jamie Berry, RCE, Summit Association of REALTORS®, CO
Isaac Chavez, RCE, Vermont Association of REALTORS®
Glenda Gasparine, RCE, Southern Indiana REALTORS® Association, IN
Kay  Hall, RCE, Upstate Alliance REALTORS®, IN
Sharon Sample, RCE, Ashland Board of REALTORS®, OH
Cheryl Yost, Saginaw Board of REALTORS®, MI


Noelle Adams, Paradise Association of REALTORS®, CA
Elise Barry, RCE, Ulster County Board of REALTORS®, NY
Shannon Bubel, RCE, Austin Board of REALTORS®, TX
Maria Smirensky, RCE, Columbia-Greene Board of REALTORS®, NY


Pauline Dickson, RCE, East Polk County Association of REALTORS®, FL
Amy DuBose, RCE, Four Rivers Association of REALTORS®, TX
Michael VanderBunt, RCE, Lakes Area REALTORS® Association, WI
Shari Veldman, RCE, Commercial Alliance of REALTORS®, MI


Kristi Jerkovich, RCE, Southwest Iowa Association of REALTORS®, IA
Frank Lessing, RCE, East Metro Association of REALTORS®, OR
Peggy Missel, RCE, Midwest City Del City Moore Association of REALTORS®, OK


Marietta Gomez, RCE, San Juan County Board of REALTORS®, NM
Kristine Hettinger, RCE, REALTORS® Association of the Fox Valley, IL
Lizbeth Kohler, RCE, Medina County Board of REALTORS®, OH


Marilyn Psaros, RCE, Prescott Area Association of REALTORS®, AZ
Rose Wanosik, RCE, East Central Association of REALTORS®, PA


Laura Burns, RCE, Greater Capital Association of REALTORS®, NY
Tammy Wilson, RCE


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