In this article the registration symbol has not been used because it has been prepared for distribution over the Internet. Some Internet browser software is not equipped to recognize or understand this symbol when it appears in a document.

The familiar REALTOR® "R" logo is easily visualized. Its three elements, the rectangular block, the "R" inside the block, and the term REALTOR® below the block (called the identifier) form the logo. Like the terms REALTOR®, REALTORS® and REALTOR-ASSOCIATE®, the REALTOR® logo is registered with the United States Patent and Trademark Office as a membership mark for REALTORS® to use in connection with their name and the name of their real estate business.

But there is a difference between the REALTOR® logo and the other registered REALTOR® marks. The easy visual identification of the logo has been achieved because the rules adopted for use of the mark require that it always have the same overall appearance. The logo as a whole may be any size, but the elements of the logo must always have the same appearance and proportions to each other: The block will always be rectangular not square, the "R" will always be the same shape, and the identifier will always be the same typeface. This contrasts with the terms REALTOR®, REALTORS® and REALTOR-ASSOCIATE®, which are commonly seen in the many different typefaces used by members.

To further protect the image of the logo and its clarity in the minds of consumers and other real estate business people, the rules also require an "area of isolation" around the logo. This area of isolation is a space within which no competing image may enter. Thus, the logo may not be made a part of any larger design, except with the express advance approval of the National Association's Board of Directors, and nothing whatsoever should be placed within the space surrounding the logo which is one-half of the logo's width.

Also to assist in assuring a consistent visual image for the REALTOR® "R" logo, the use of colors is restricted. The block and the identifier for the logo may be shown in any contrasting color, but only where one color ink is used to produce the logo. In such instances the "R" is left without color so it appears the same as the paper upon which the logo is being printed. But where two color inks are used to print the logo, the block and identifier must be blue and the "R" must be gold.

Design marks such as the REALTOR® logo gain strength from their uniformity. As the public begins to recognize a design as identifying a particular group or company, the value of the mark as a consistent means of identification grows. Variations upon that uniformity correspondingly weaken the value of the logo. For that reason, it is very important that members periodically check their advertisements to make sure the REALTOR® "R" is properly displayed. If you are uncertain, obtain an official reproduction sheet for the printer or newspaper to use in producing your advertisements or other printing needs. Never try, or allow anyone to try, to "recreate" the logo for you.


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