"What-If" Training Exercises

The "What-if" exercises are designed to explore complex or tricky circumstances in professional standards policy/procedures. Individuals who would benefit from these advanced professional standards exercises include REALTORS® that serve on professional standards tribunals and staff employed by REALTOR® associations to administer those matters.

There are several different ways to use the exercises. One suggestion is to have break-out groups work together to decide the best course of action for each scenario presented. Another option would be a “town hall” approach with the facilitator asking the group what the attendees think is the best response.

Debriefs accompany each exercise so that the facilitator can provide learning points and explanation as to what concepts are being taught in each scenario. These are organized according to the year the scenario was developed.

The exercises collected here have been used during the National Association’s Professional Standards Education Seminars. Learn more about attending these seminars.

Participant's Questions Facilitator's Copy Year Used by NAR
Questions & Answers (DOC: 61 KB) Debrief (DOC: 49 KB) 2015
Questions & Answers (DOC: 79 KB) Debrief (DOC: 36 KB) 2014
Questions & Answers (DOC: 62 KB) Debrief (DOC: 86 KB) 2013
Questions & Answers (DOC: 47 KB) Debrief (DOC: 74 KB) 2012
Questions & Answers (DOC: 47 KB) Debrief (DOC: 68 KB) 2011
Questions & Answers (DOC: 45 KB) Debrief (DOC: 69 KB) 2010

Note: The debriefs/answers/guidance provided for the various exercises is based upon the adopted policies/Code of Ethics & Arbitration Manual at the time the exercise was created.