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NAR Participates in Lead Paint Regulation Process

The EPA is in the process of determining if they will move forward with a proposed regulation on how renovation, repair and painting activities may occur in commercial buildings.  The purpose of this proposed regulation would be to protect tenants and the general public from lead hazards that may be produced during these renovation activities. 

However, before they move forward with a rule, the EPA must convene a panel of small businesses that will help EPA assess the impact of this rule on this critical economic sector.  NAR has been appointed to this small business panel, and over the next three months will discuss how this rule, if promulgated, will affect small businesses, including property managers of commercial buildings.  NAR believes this proposed rule would have a negative impact on commercial property managers and will work with the EPA to develop an approach to these issues that protects workers and tenants from lead hazards during renovation activities without resorting to onerous regulatory activities.