Using Digital Video as a Marketing Tool

Quick Takeaways

  • There is no denying that video marketing is a shining star of 2022 – the average person watching 19 hours of videos online per week, compared to just 10.5 in 2018.
  • Video marketing improvs SEO! It also appeals greatly to mobile users and those looking for educational videos.
  • Even platforms not created for video marketing have seen an the impact of video marketing – over one billion videos a day are watched on Pinterest, while video tweets get 10 times more engagement

Source: The Ultimate Guide to Video Marketing (Hubspot, May 24,2022)

The world of video marketing is ever-changing. The COVID-19 pandemic brought a huge rise in the amount of virtual showings and video listings, while Tik-Tok, a purely video platform, is the current social media giant. Take a look at the above examples to get tips, tricks, and inspiration for your next video marketing campaign – and don’t forget to think outside of the box!

Creating, editing, and marketing video content does take some skill, but creativity and the right tools will get you where you need to be! From TikTok specific advice to more general tips like finding your audience and creating a script.  

See References for more information.