Using your answers to the self-assessment, your capacities, and your challenges, consider how they may fit together within the categories of people, property, planet, and profit. Which items stand out as the most urgent to address at your association?

For example, does your association need to reduce operational costs? Build a community network to support increased energy efficiency in housing? Help homeowners safeguard themselves and their properties from increasingly severe extreme weather?

Take a moment to identify your priorities and consider using the resources below to develop a strategic plan to address both short and long term goals and to help you track your progress over time.

Move onto the next section of the toolkit to explore actionable recommendations to incorporate into your strategic plan to help pursue each of your goals.

Take Action!


Helpful Links

Refer to the links below to aid in developing your sustainability strategy. The Strategic Planning Resource Toolkit can provide guidance for crafting, implementing, and executing successful long-term association-wide change. NAR’s ESG+R reports can serve to demonstrate examples of association actions and ways to communicate them in ways that provide transparency and accountability towards established sustainability goals.

ESG+R Report

Tracking NAR's progress and telling the association’s sustainability story through specific actions and goals.