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Quick Takeaways

  • Make sure you choose the platform that is right for you! There will always be a new “trendy” platform, but the best platform is the one that reaches the most of your clients. There is no need to throw yourself into Tik-Tok if most of your clients use Facebook!
  • Don’t go into social media without a goal. Your content should be trying to accomplish something, whether it’s gaining new clients, promoting properties, or simply networking. Set out what you hope to accomplish and go from there!
  • These days, video is everything. From Tik Tok to Instagram Reels, utilize this visual medium to really give your clients an inside view into both your world and their possible future home!

Source: 8 Steps to Build (or Rebuild) Your Social Media Presence (REALTOR® Magazine, Jun. 27, 2022)

Social Media is almost completely integrated into all aspects of our lives now, but there are many ways to keep your social media professional while still allowing clients a glimpse into your brand and business. You can use social media as a tool to network, grow your client base, sell a specific property, and much more! Get creative and the results will come!

Keeping your social media private and safe is of utmost importance, both in your personal and professional life. Make sure to always use unique passwords, two-factor authentication, and familiarize yourself with the privacy settings of each site.

Facebook is still a favorite among REALTORS® and their clientele. It is very easy to create a separate page for your business, and scheduling posts and purchasing ad space can all be done through the Meta Business portal.  

Instagram is still an extremely popular app, and Reels – short videos set to music, like Tik Tok, is the new star. Stories are also a great way to promote your business and inventory, as they only stay on your page for 24 hours. 

While Pinterest serves a very different function than other forms of social media, it can still be extremely useful in real estate. It serves as more of an inspiration board and gathering place than a selling tool, but can also give clients a taste of your brand, interests, and successes!

Snapchat is perhaps the least popular of the social media platforms, but it certainly has a use for business. Snapchat stories allow REALTORS® to post quick snippets of open houses or market thoughts, and though there are less users, the engagement rate of those users is very high!

Tik Tok is arguably the new social media star, with its creative videos set to sounds taking over the social media world. Real estate and interior design have huge followings on the app, as do some REALTORS®! Tik Tok trends and trending sounds make it easy to get started!

Twitter is another extremely important form of social media with high user engagement. Though it does not have a visual or video component, its strength is the conversations it generates. Vitally important conversations related to real estate, the market, politics, etc. happen on Twitter every day.

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