Retirement & Financial Wellness

Coming your way in 2018: retirement and financial wellness resources exclusively for REALTORS®. 

The National Association of REALTORS® wants to see each and every one of its members to be financially solvent and independent, both in their careers and at retirement. Many REALTORS® are not prepared for retirement and find themselves working later than they had imagined due in large part to their personal financial situation. NAR research shows that:

  • 43% are not saving for retirement.
  • 42% do not feel prepared for a financial emergency.
  • Only 46% are "completely confident" that they can retire when they are ready.

These program resources, coming in 2018, will be your pathway.

  • An interactive website with worksheets and personal assessments as well as planning tools to deliver an understanding of budgeting, goal-setting, planning, saving, and investing.
  • Tools and education on monetizing a REALTORS® book of business upon retirement
  • Partnerships with financial planning firms
  • Education on the importance of investing in real estate as an integral part of wealth-building strategy
  • Regional events, educational programming, focused on investing and financial wellness