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The Center for REALTOR® Financial Wellness is a resource designed exclusively to meet the specific financial planning needs of REALTORS®. You’ll find budgeting tools, retirement planning resources, options for investing in real estate, and more.

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March Is National Credit Education Month: What You Need to Know

How to observe National Credit Education Month

CFPB Credit Score Explainer

1. Check your credit score

It is important to know your credit score for a variety of reasons. One of the benefits of a high credit score rating is being able to borrow money at a lower interest rate. When you need to purchase a new car, for example, they will check your credit rating to determine the interest rate of your car loan. Even when you believe your credit score to be in order, it can change very quickly so be sure to check it out this month!

2. Focus on meeting payment deadlines

One of the best ways to maintain or build a good credit rating is to make all your payments on time. If you have a bad habit of forgetting to pay bills timely, set up payment reminders through your personal calendar system. Even better, you can enroll in auto-withdraw with many of your accounts ensuring you never miss a payment.

3. Teach your family about debt

Did you know more young adults aged 20 – 24 declare bankruptcy than graduate from college? Credit cards are the biggest contributor to this. Teach them about saving money, wise spending, and how to build good credit sooner rather than late.

For more information, please visit the CFPB and register for NAR’s March Center for REALTOR® Financial Wellness Credit Management webinar.

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NAR Financial Planning Flyer - Manage Your Financial Life with Morgan Stanley
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A Guide to Managing Volatile Market Shifts

A Guide to Managing Volatile Marketing Shifts

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60-second financial wellness audit for REALTORS® and their families

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CFFW Money Saving Tips

Financial Wellness Emergency Guide

Information and resources to help you get through challenging times.

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Episode 57: Financial Planners, Insurance, and REALTORS®

Center for REALTOR® Development podcast.

Listen to episode 57, as guest Rich Arzaga shares information REALTORS® should look out for when choosing a financial planner and insurance. Download then share with a friend to continue the learning. 

Financial Wellness Roadmap

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Financial Wellness Roadmap

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