State Leadership Idea Exchange Council: REALTORS® Conference & Expo 2016

The State Leadership Idea Exchange Council will meet Thursday, November 3. After NAR Leadership addresses the group in the general session and the top ideas are exchanged, each state association will participate in small, medium, or large breakout sessions.

Missed the submission deadline for the REALTORS® Conference and Expo? You can still bring up your idea during the Thursday breakout sessions or during the President/Presidents Elect Information Exchange held Sunday, November 6 in the Plaza International D & E at the Hyatt Regency Orlando.

If you would like to present Sunday at the President/Presidents Elect Information Exchange, please forward this form by Wednesday, October 26.

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From Legislative Meetings & Trade Expo (May 2016)
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Ideas by State/Territory

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For more information about any of the materials posted below, please click here to view state association contact details.

Arizona (large association)

AAR has developed a series of videos entitled "A World Without AAR" demonstrating the value of the Association.

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California (large association)

CAR introduced the Membership Development Diversity Initiative Program to address gender equality in the workforce, as well as upping its cyber-security awareness training.

Read more (PDF: 443 KB)

Florida (large association)

The Florida Association is promoting ideas to help celebrate its 100-year anniversary including an art piece, video, and charitable efforts.

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Georgia (large association)

Georgia REALTORS® explored ways to get commercial members more involved with their committees and leadership.

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Idaho (medium association)

Idaho REALTORS® has held eight broker summits in 2016 to actively engage brokers throughout the state.

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Illinois (large association)

Illinois REALTORS® has development for implementation with the 100th session of the Illinois General Assembly a State Legislative Contact (SLC) Playbook & Field Guide.

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Kansas (medium association)

The Keynote Online Video Education Series helps state and local REALTOR® associations deliver top-shelf professional development offerings with second generation online video education.

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Kentucky (medium association)

The Kentucky Association continues to showcase the important influence of The Governor's Circle of high-impact RPAC contributors.

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Massachusetts (large association)

MAR has been heavily involved with its social media campaigns, the MAR 2016 Conference & Tradeshow, legislative initiatives, and Graduate REALTOR® Institute.

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Michigan (large association)

Michigan REALTORS® continues its influential legislative efforts, graduated the inaugural class of the Michigan REALTORS® Leadership Academy, and continued to develop its CE Marketplace.

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Mississippi (small association)

The Association's new Presidents in Partnership program paired seven alumni from their LeadershipMAR program with seven Past Presidents.

Read more (PDF: 459 KB)

Missouri (medium association)

Missouri REALTORS® had a 19-page strategic plan for 2014-2016 which was approved by its Board of Directors in September and which will now go interactive.

Read more (PDF: 226 KB)

New Hampshire (small association)

New Hampshire REALTORS® has a Green Real Estate Symposium planned for 2017, instituted its Leadership Academy, and offered three broker forums in 2016.

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New Jersey (large association)

The New Jersey Association has been heavily involved with NAR's Boys and Girls Clubs of America inititative.

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New York (large association)

NYSAR successfully lobbied for the introduction of legislation to create a statewide first-time home buyer savings account called the NY First Home proposal.

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North Carolina (large association)

The North Carolina Association is in the process of creating a website portal dedicated to housing all of the NC REALTORS® Government Affairs information and materials on legislative and regulatory issues.

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Ohio (large association)

The Ohio Association recently approved the establishment of a ground-breaking initiative designed to help advance the real estate profession’s shared objective of being the leading voice for Ohio real estate.

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Oklahoma (medium association)

Oklahoma's statewide real estate industry conference was a great success and their GRI program continues to grow in popularity.

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Oregon (medium association)

OAR has instigated an REA Licensing & Review Industry Professionalism Workgroup and hopes to introduce legislation when the 2017 Oregon Legislature convenes next February.

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Pennsylvania (large association)

PAR has developed a Welcome Home program designed to provide members and local associations with details about consumer home buying trends.

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Puerto Rico (small association)

The Puerto Rico association started REALTORS® 360 which offers workshops to help promote the integration and professionalism of its members.

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Tennessee (large association)

The Tennessee Association is developing an efficient and accurate attendance-tracking system for continuing edication (CE) classes based on RFID technology.

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Utah (medium association)

The Utah Association recently completed a strategic ad campaign to help support the re-election of Utah’s governor, Gary Herbert, who is a REALTOR® and past president of their association.

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Washington (medium association)

To help provide a steady source of funding for the REALTOR® Relief Fund, Washington REALTORS® is encouraging all its local associations to make an annual contribution of $200 to the RRF.

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