State Leadership Idea Exchange Council: REALTORS® Conference & Expo 2015

The State Leadership Idea Exchange Council will meet Thursday, November 12. After NAR Leadership addresses the group in the general session and the top ideas are exchanged, each state association will participate in small, medium, or large breakout sessions.

Missed the submission deadline for the REALTOR® Conference and Expo? You can still bring up your idea during the Thursday breakout sessions or during the President/Presidents Elect Information Exchange held Sunday, November 15, 9 a.m. to 11 a.m. If you would like to present Sunday at the President/Presidents Elect Information Exchange, please forward this form by November 4.

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Ideas by State/Territory

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For more information about any of the materials posted below, please click here to view state association contact details.

Alabama (medium association)

Alabama REALTORS® introduced a new streamlined meetings concept.

Read more (PDF: 91 KB)

Arizona (large association)

Arizona REALTORS® launched the Agent Safety Alert Program (ASAP).

Read more (PDF: 73 KB)

Arkansas (small association)

The Arkansas REALTORS® Association introduced "Safe Harbors" to ensure clients and agents remain safe at all times.

Read more (PDF: 385 KB)

California (large association)

The California Association continues work on its Thought Leadership initiative and introduced a Legal Hotline app.

Read more (PDF: 732 KB)

Colorado (large association)

The Colorado Association's accomplishments include first-time homebuyer savings account legislation, CE webcasts, and a value proposition outreach program.

Read more (PDF: 110 KB)

Connecticut (medium association)

Connecticut REALTORS® implemented a Consumer Awareness Campaign and partnered with two aquariums.

Read more (PDF: 530 KB)

Delaware (small association)

The Delaware Association recently produced a satirical video titled The Top 10 Excuses Not to Give to RPAC for use at their Annual Convention & Trade Show.

Read more (PDF: 66 KB)

Georgia (large association)

Georgia REALTORS® is currently acquiring a new headquarters building in Atlanta.

Read more (PDF: 98 KB)

Idaho (medium association)

Idaho REALTORS® held its RPAC Fundraising Diamond Event.

Read more (PDF: 732 KB)

Illinois (large association)

The Illinois Association hosted its first REALTORS® Political Involvement Committee (RPIC) strategic planning session in July.

Read more (PDF: 257 KB)

Iowa (small association)

The Iowa Association created a committee to locate dedicated, talented, and driven individuals to serve in political capacities.

Read more (PDF: 190 KB)

Louisiana (medium association)

Louisiana REALTORS® created legal counsel services to help local boards with compliance issues.

Read more (PDF: 174 KB)

Maryland (large association)

The Maryland Association wants to ensure that their culture remains inclusive, so all voices are heard and members step up.

Read more (PDF: 263 KB)

Massachusetts (large association)

The Massachusetts Association is improving members' understanding of social media and helping increase social engagement. MAR also launched a weekly blog and video series.

Read more (PDF: 265 KB)

Michigan (large association)

Michigan REALTORS® marked its centennial anniversary, approved an Issues Mobilization Fund assessment increase, and developed their CE marketplace.

Read more (PDF: 254 KB)

New Hampshire (small association)

New Hampshire REALTORS® has a new out-of-state cooperative broker agreement law in the works and introduced a leadership academy.

Read more (PDF: 287 KB)

New York (large association)

NYSAR conducted an extensive survey of REALTOR® health insurance coverage and needs.

Read more (PDF: 187 KB)

North Carolina (large association)

The North Carolina Association is going through a rebranding exercise with the goal of providing a statewide unified brand that each local association can tap into.

Read more (PDF: 239 KB)

North Dakota (small association)

The North Dakota Association of REALTORS® worked closely with the North Dakota Real Estate Commission to require all licensees to have three hours of personal safety classes before they can renew their 2016 license.

Read more (PDF: 256 KB)

Ohio (large association)

The Ohio Association is conducting a communications audit and will be establishing a leadership academy in 2016.

Read more (PDF: 161 KB)

Oklahoma (medium association)

The Oklahoma Association held a half-day event featuring high caliber speakers and networking among related industry professionals, and introduced a new mobile app.

Read more (PDF: 4.49 MB)

Oregon (medium association)

Oregon's Board of Directors voted to increase state association dues by $50 and allocate $50 from every member to RPAC. They also developed their value proposition.

Read more (PDF: 423 KB)

Pennsylvania (large association)

The Pennsylvania Association worked with key legislative leaders and industry partners to establish a real estate caucus.

Read more (PDF: 344 KB)

South Carolina (medium association)

SCR proposed a traveling road show to ensure its 17,000 members would get face-to-face time with each SCR staff member for hands-on member benefits training.

Read more (PDF: 364 KB)

Tennessee (large association)

Tennessee did its second annual RPAC-A-THON fundraiser this year and raised $50,000 in four hours.

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Texas (large association)

The Texas Association conducted data relevance spokesperson training and developed an automated infographic generator tool.

Read more (PDF: 304 KB)

Utah (medium association)

UAR faced a new threat in recent months in the form of regulatory agencies ignoring the state statute. It has successfully appealed these issues.

Read more (PDF: 215 KB)

Vermont (small association)

The Vermont Green Real Estate Symposium will be held on October 29, 2015.

Read more (PDF: 279 KB)

Virginia (large association)

The Virginia Leadership Academy (VLA) elected to raise funds and awareness for the benefit of a veteran housing partner, Homes for Our Troops, as a class project.

Read more (PDF: 312 KB)

West Virginia (small association)

The West Virginia Association had a 3.5 REALTOR® Safety Class approved through their Real Estate Commission a year prior to the class introduced by NAR.

Read more (PDF: 1.75 MB)

Wyoming (small association)

The Wyoming Association recently approved a new strategic plan and bylaws that allowed them to drastically reduce the sizes of their EC and BOD and streamline their procedures.

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