Smaller Cities Lead in 5G Network Coverage

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The super-fast connection speeds of 5G have been touted as a potential game-changer for the future of real estate. Network carriers are rushing to roll out 5G in a bigger way across the U.S. this year. So where can consumers capture some of these faster speeds now?

Smaller metro areas—not the big cities—are actually dominating with 5G, according to a new analysis from WhistleOut, a comparison resource for consumer technology. For example, Wichita, Kan., is the top city for 5G coverage, according to the rankings.

Home shoppers are putting more weight on faster internet speeds. Eighty-seven percent of 1,000 consumers surveyed this spring said that access to fifth-generation cellular internet speeds and networks make a property more valuable. Sixty-two percent of real estate agents believe that the next year or two will offer more opportunities for them to advertise home access to a 5G network, according to the survey from Verizon.

5G is touted to be up to 100 times faster than current 4G networks and promises to remove latency issues—that is, the delay in response time when transferring data.

Check out the chart below of the top 10 cities currently offering the best 5G coverage in the U.S.

Map of cities dominating 5G

Didn’t see your city on the list? WhistleOut offers up a breakdown of the top 50 cities for 5G.

Cities ranked by 5G coverage