5G Network Availability Becomes Major Selling Point for Homes

conceptual illustration 5G on phone, city with wireless symbols in background

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Super-fast 5G connection speeds could become a future selling point for homes. Eighty-seven percent of consumers say that a home with access to fifth-generation cellular internet speeds and networks makes the property more valuable, according to a new survey of 1,000 U.S. adults commissioned by Verizon. What’s more, 62% of real estate agents believe that the next year or two will bring more opportunities to advertise home access to a 5G network.

5G is said to be up to 100 times faster than current 4G networks and promises to remove latency issues—that is, the delay in response time when transferring data.

Fast cell service and home internet has become a greater priority for home buyers to stay connected socially and professionally during the coronavirus pandemic. Nine in 10 home buyers say fast, reliable cell service and home internet is a must-have for their new home, prioritizing it higher than good schools (64%), commute time (66%), modern appliances (86%), and nearby attractions and amenities (85%), according to the survey.

Sixty-nine percent of real estate professionals say their clients have sought information about access to broadband for homes they’re considering more frequently over the past year than they did prior to the pandemic. The majority of agents also report clients inquiring more on information about the home’s cellular service connections.

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