Top Luxury Home Features in Celebrity-Style Mansions

A picture of a mansion's interior with two curved staircases on either side of the entrance.

© Tom Penpark - DigitalVision / Getty Images

Celebrity mansions are known for being grand. Outfitted with luxurious amenities and fancy finishes, they come with ultra-high price tags. In the celebrity home market, the average purchase price was more than $11.5 million, and the average interior size was more than 10,000 square feet.

But what other characteristics do celebrity-style homes share? Ruby Home, a luxury real estate brokerage in Los Angeles, compiled data from 128 celebrity homes nationwide, evaluating the average cost per square foot and the most common interior amenities.

Ruby Home found that these features are most common in celebrity mansions:

A chart listing the most common features and amenities of celebrity-style mansions.

The most expensive primary celebrity residences in the U.S. are owned by Amazon Executive Chairman Jeff Bezos ($165 million), performers Beyonce Knowles and Jay-Z ($88 million), and Oracle Corp. founder Larry Ellison ($80 million), according to Ruby Home. If the average American saved every penny, they would need to work 3,085 years to afford Jeff Bezos’ home.