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You don’t need to drop a lot of cash to show your appreciation to customers this holiday season.

Whether your gift is a gag meant to show your personality or a thoughtful gesture from the heart, giving something special to clients this holiday season isn’t just about showing appreciation for their business. It’s an opportunity to turn them into a superfan who sends referrals your way. A gift to a customer can be powerful. In fact, research has shown customers will remember you because of your thoughtful gesture.

Gifts can be a powerful marketing tool: In a 2010 Promotional Products Association International survey of 1,000 consumers, 89 percent said a promotional product they received in the previous two years led them to have a more favorable impression of the company. The gift, respondents said, had a greater effect on their perception than print ads, television commercials, or online advertising.

If that motivates you to play Santa Claus with your clients, remember that your gift doesn’t have to be big or expensive for customers to appreciate it. According to PPAI research, 15 percent of companies say they give gifts that cost less than $10; 29 percent between $10 and $25; and 35 percent between $25 and $50. Looking for some ideas? Take a look at the slide show below to find a range of customer gifts they’re sure to love. (Just make sure to avoid common gift-giving mistakes.)