Quick Takeaways:

  • Circle Prospecting
  • Sphere of Influence
  • Expired Listings
  • For Sale By Owners
  • Previewing Properties
  • Door Knocking
  • Open Houses

Source: Prospect: The Real Estate Lead Generation Manual

Developing new leads is crucial to expanding a successful real estate business. A wealth of information is available to you including several toolkits from REALTOR® Magazine Online, business letter templates and relevant articles from various websites, plus books and eBooks from NAR's library (located in the References tab).

Your best opportunity to convert a lead into a client is through face-to-face interaction. While your print and online advertising communicate your marketing message powerfully, you can make a better case personally for your skills and ability to represent prospects. Remember not to forego community events or other neighborhood involvement — where you can meet prospects in person. Those activities are vital components of a business plan that puts you in front of potential customers. Make sure you balance your advertising efforts with a range of approaches.

See References for more information.