Get a Professional Organizer For Your Sellers

The value of home stagers is widely known, but hiring a professional organizer could better target what your clients need and become the service that will set your company apart.

Moving is an exciting enterprise for your clients. But as a broker, you know very well that it can also be exhausting and overwhelming, especially when it comes to sellers getting organized.

You and your agents play an integral role in helping relieve some of the stress that comes along with selling a home. That’s why it might pay off for you to hire a professional organizer on behalf of your clients to help prepare listings for the market.

“It’s about caring for your client,” says Regina Leeds, author of the book Right Size, Right Now (De Capo Press, 2015), who has become known as the “Zen organizer.”

Here are three ways a professional organizer can help sellers.

1. Setting up systems for moving and storing items. A professional organizer will be able to help a client establish systems for going through files, books, clothing, and household items to not only eliminate clutter but also ensure that packing happens in an efficient manner. This could be especially helpful for clients with a home office. Leeds says this starts with categorization: eliminating what the client no longer needs, then organizing based on categories such as item, topic, or date — whatever makes most sense for easy storage and accessibility after the move.

2. Keeping track of packed or stored possessions. Once a consistent packing structure is in place, a professional organizer can help clients make lists of their items’ categories and keep a reference book of what’s been packed and where it’s stored (if the client is decluttering the home). The key is to be consistent with your filing or packing structure, Leeds says.

3. Having someone to lean on when emotions are overwhelming. Professional organizers are not therapists by any means, but they can help. Some moves are accompanied by a significant emotional toll, especially when they involve the passing of a loved one. It’s not uncommon for families to feel overwhelmed trying to sort through sentimental belongings. A professional organizer may be just the right person to bring direction to a delicate situation.


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