Making a career leap takes nerves but also careful planning. Follow one practitioner’s journey as she transitions from brokerage management back into sales as a team leader.

Three years ago, I thought I found my dream job. I was given the opportunity to work in a brokerage management position, complete with benefits, at a cool company that I love. But I realized a few things in my role: I missed my clients and the freedom I had as an independent contractor to do things my way and control my destiny. So, I did something scary. I left that dream job and the office filled with agents I adored to head back out into the world of 100 percent commission.

Here’s how I got started.

1. Developed a new business plan. I determined that I wanted to lead a team, so I laid out my commission and team structure first. When I left my management position, agents reached out to me, and I to them. I started interviewing and building my team right away.

2. Made the big announcement. Once I had my website, branding, and back-end systems in place, I told my sphere about my move with an announcement on Facebook and then a mailer featuring my new team and each agent’s name and contact information.

3. Set up sphere and farming campaigns. The sales side has changed a lot in the past three years. It seems like there's more noise out there when it comes to making business decisions about prospecting and advertising. Who knew the “humble brag” is the new marketing ploy on social media? But after careful market research, I made platform, budgetary, and frequency decisions for our team’s marketing.

4. Kept the faith. My biggest pain point through all of this was the initial decision to leave my “dream job.” As with any major change, the question can creep into your mind: “Did I do the right thing?” I had many sleepless nights, but it helped to talk with people I respect in the business about what a successful transition looks like and how to go about it smoothly.

I’m a single mom who decided to leave a salaried position to follow my dreams. But so far, so good. I’m petrified at least once a week, but I keep pushing because I believe I can create an experience for my agents and clients that is second to none.

I hope you’ll join me on this journey as I document my successes and failures while I’m building my team into something special.


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