Train your agents on to how to use the phone to generate leads either through cold calling or working their database with confidence.
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It’s the top of the fall selling season, and if you haven’t done so already, it’s time to create the optimal prospecting environment to improve your company’s results and help your agents make more money.

As coaches, we say time and again that picking up the phone is the most profitable and most efficient way to generate leads and follow-ups for your business. Creating the perfect prospecting environment will enable your agents to pick up their phones on a regular basis. All they need is a computer, phone, and a headset. We also recommend a prospecting platform.

You can also teach agents to embrace the seven Ps—proper previous planning prevents pitifully poor performance. 

Let’s say that an agent’s prospecting calls are going to focus on past clients. Before they pick up the phone, they should have a list of past clients’ names and their phone numbers in front of them so they’re not wasting time. Suggest that they walk while they talk to keep their energy up or consider adding stand-up desks to your real estate office.

Next, prep your agents on what they’re going to say during their calls. Help them prepare a script and have them post it on the wall in front of their desk or in a three-ring binder so they’re less likely to “wing it.” Prepare buyer and seller prequalification scripts and questions so that your agents don’t have to call anyone back to ask those questions.

For agents who need a boost of confidence, have them look in the mirror while they’re making calls. Have agents ask themselves these questions:

  • Do you look like the person who is taking care of your clients? 
  • Do you look like the person who is setting appointments today? 
  • Do you look like the person who is making the money they want to make?

The person they’re talking to on the other end of the line can see who the agent is by hearing the energy level, enthusiasm, commitment, and engagement in their voice. Have your agents write on the mirror: “I am the best agent for the job of finding your dream home,” so they can see it over and over again.

Advise your agents to surround themselves with things that make them happy while they are making calls, such as motivational quotes, photos of their children or grandchildren, or a vision board.

Introduce your agents to the “hang up” game, which is where they’re not allowed to hang up first if they’re on a prospecting call. The past client must be the one to initiate the end of the call, and the agent must be energetic, engaging, enthusiastic, and helpful the entire time they’re talking with that person. 

And lastly, remind your agents that their highest and best purpose is to be of service.  Being of service means helping the person on the other end of the phone achieve their goals.

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