Immersive camera technology can be used for more than marketing listings. Be a truly cutting-edge real estate company by using 360-degree cameras to better communicate with your agents and staff.

Success and accomplishment: This is the rhythm of a real estate office that hums. It’s the excitement of new listings, new sales records, and new agents. It’s the entire office packed into a sales meeting. It’s a leader armed with experience and wisdom, who cares about about the team.

As a strong broker-owner in an office like this, you have the ability to influence property owners, salespeople, and employees — those who value and participate in the vision of the company. Why not shine a spotlight on your endeavors and provide more accessible meetings and training sessions by using 360-degree video?

The cutting-edge technology of 360-degree cameras is bringing an immersive, captivating, and enthralling experience to real estate — three fitting adjectives for the brokerage of success and accomplishment. This technology is akin to dropping the viewer into the scene via mobile or desktop video that can be viewed in all directions. Brokers and agents are already using spherical photography to provide a mobile-friendly, full-room view to show off listings to clients. But this technology can do so much more. Here are a few other ways you can use 360-degree video at your brokerage.

Office meetings. Videoconferencing has long made it possible for everyone to participate in meetings, no matter their location. But if a 360-degree camera is hooked up to a videoconferencing computer, you’ll take those meetings to the next level. Now others can feel like they are right in the room where the camera is mounted. You could even livestream these meetings to the public.

Sharing news or coming-soon listings. Imagine if each agent were allowed to stand up and share a new listing or update for 30 seconds at an office meeting. Now imagine if everyone in the room could view that listing simultaneously on their phones with 360-degree technology. Plus, if you’re also recording the meeting with a 360-degree camera, each person speaking would be on 360 video for those viewing from afar. It’s meta, but in a good way.

Coaching opportunities. Capturing conversations by video is a great way to observe body language and dialogue in action. And 360 video gives you more freedom and flexibility to maneuver around the room so that conversations happen more naturally and everyone viewing can be part of the process. This type of video also lends itself to capturing more technical, step-by-step training sessions in an immersive video experience.


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