Individual Salesperson
Houlihan Lawrence
Greenwich, Conn.

Individual volume: $38.3 million
Individual sides: 25

A Family Affair

Growing up, Spencer Sodokoff watched his mother build a successful business as a real estate agent. Though he initially planned to go into finance, Sodokoff, 29, obtained his real estate license while he was still in college, just in case. A few years later, when his mother’s business became too much for one person to handle, Sodokoff left his position at Morgan Stanley and never looked back.

"Real estate is one of those things where you have to do it right," says Sodokoff. "You have to put in your time and effort. You can’t do it halfway." That means reaching out to a wide variety of clients and giving small deals the same level of high-quality service as the big ones.

Whether he’s preparing to list a home, working on a current deal, or helping a new buyer, Sodokoff is in the office seven days a week. In addition to sales, he handles about 30 to 40 rentals a year.

He particularly values the work he does with families who are buying their first home. "You watch these families save up every penny to make sure their kids live the best way possible," Sodokoff says. "That’s what makes this business so rewarding."