The NAR Research team is a resource for REALTORS®, policymakers, and the public. Our skilled economists produce and analyze a wide range of data, providing the best resources and information on real estate. 

  • Wealth Gains by Income and Racial/Ethnic Group (April 2023): This report looks at how homeownership can be a catalyst for building wealth for households in low-/middle-income and minority groups.
  • A Snapshot of Race and Home Buying in America (March 2023): A report looking at homeownership trends, mortgage market, and affordability by race and home buyer demographics using data from the NAR 2022 Profile of Home Buyers and Sellers.
  • 2022 Obstacles to Home Buying: This report, conducted in partnership with Morning Consult, explores current obstacles to home buying broken down by race/ethnicity – with the lack of affordable homes ranking as the top obstacle holding back potential home buyers of all races.
  • The Double Trouble of the Housing Market (February 2022): A report on the "two troubles" simultaneously impacting the housing market: record home prices and record low inventory, using data analyzing affordability at different income levels for all active inventory on the market and done in partnership with®.
  • Congressional District and State Reports: These reports provide data on housing and real estate in states and congressional districts.
  • State Economic Impact Reports: These reports demonstrate the benefits of homeownership and income generated by home sales in local economies.
  • Analysis and Case Studies in Office-to-Housing Conversions: An analysis of how vacant office buildings are being converted into housing in response to the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic on the commercial real estate market and the nationwide housing shortage.

These and many more reports, surveys, and data collections are available in the Research and Statistics section of