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Section 5: Information Related to Listings of Commercial and Industrial Property

An association or association MLS may also publish a compilation of commercial and industrial properties listed with association or MLS members so that prospective cooperating brokers will have the opportunity to contact the listing broker to learn the terms of any cooperative relationship the listing broker wishes to establish. Such a mechanism is not a multiple listing service. If an association or association MLS provides this type of informational function (commonly referred to as a commercial information exchange or CIE) to its members, it shall not publish either the total commission negotiated between the listing broker and the seller or any offers of compensation to cooperating brokers. If a relationship is established between the listing broker and a prospective cooperating broker, it is strongly recommended that the terms and conditions be established in writing prior to the time the cooperating broker commences any efforts to produce a prospective purchaser or lessee. None of the foregoing is intended to preclude a CIE from providing, as a matter of local determination, access to information from CIE compilations to affiliate members of associations or to others engaged in recognized fields of real estate practice or in related fields. (Revised 11/04) M