Operational Issues

Section 1: Procedures to Be Followed by an Association of REALTORS® Upon Demand for Access to the Association’s Multiple Listing Service without Association Membership

Section 2: Prerequisites for Participation in or Access to a Commercial/Industrial Multiple Listing Service of an Association of REALTORS®

Section 3: MLS Indoctrination Requirements Relating to Individuals Entitled to Participation without Association Membership

Section 4: Inclusion of Exclusive Agency Listings in MLS Compilations and Databases

Section 5: Effective Date of Changes in Multiple Listing Policy

Section 6: Factual Data Submitted by Appraisers

Section 7: Names of Multiple Listing Services

Section 8: Categorization of MLS Services, Information, and Products

Section 9: Changes in MLS Rules and Regulations

Section 10: Nonmember Broker/Appraiser Access

Section 11: Removal of Listings when Participant Refuses/Fails to Timely Report Status Changes

Section 12: Real Estate Transaction Standards (RETS)

Section 13: Orientation and Other Training

Section 14: Submission of Photographs or Other Graphic Representations

Section 15: Submission of Legally Required Seller Disclosure Information

Section 16: Price Change Information

Section 17: Days/Time on Market Information

Section 18: Need to Disclose if Property is a Foreclosure, is Bank-owned, or is Real Estate Owned (“REO”)


Section 1: Waivers of MLS Fees, Dues, and Charges

Section 2: Assessment of MLS Fees, Dues, and Charges

Section 3: Merger or Dissolution of Association or MLS


Postal Regulations

Section 1: Compliance with United States Postal Codes

Tax Exempt Status of An Association of REALTORS®

Section 2: Limitation on Content of Association Advertising

Registered Multiple Listing Service Mark of the National Association of REALTORS®

Section 3: Nature of Service Mark and Necessity to Effect License Agreement to Use

Section 4: How to Secure Authorization to Use a Service Mark

Section 5: Special Note Concerning MLS Service Mark

Section 6: Use of MLS Logo by Nonmember Participants

Other Legal Issues

Section 7: Compliance with Law by Association and MLS

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