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According to NAR research, ninety-two percent of home buyers use the Internet in their home search*. What this means is no matter how these buyers are reaching you, your website is more than likely the first place they will go. Making sure you have fresh and original content on your website is critical to attracting international traffic, and converting that traffic into potential clients. A good way to deliver content and flaunt your real estate expertise is by maintaining an engaging blog.

We know, blogging is time-consuming and initially seems like you’re spending time behind a desk researching and battling writers’ block when you should be meeting with clients. Successful blogging does take time, and it may take a few months before results will become obvious. But writing quality blog posts will not only appeal to potential clients, it is also the best way to optimize your search engine presence. Search is an agent’s best friend, especially if you’re trying to attract business across the globe.

Before sitting down to write, you must consider what your schedule will allow for. Whether it’s daily, a couple times a week, or weekly—once you make the decision, try not to deviate. If you want guidelines, consider these: You should post something on your blog no less than once a week. Twice a week is optimal because it gives you the best SEO results for the least effort. As with anything, consistency is key.

Once you commit to a schedule you are ready to write your first post.  Not sure what to write about? Think about what information your clients would want to know and information that is of value to them. Inspiration can be easily found by following and reading industry related news and trends. If you still don’t know where to begin, make a list of the questions most often asked by your target clients. What is unique about your local market that international clients would be interested in? Schools, investment properties, business opportunities, resort or luxury properties? Add to that list whenever you think of a new question, or one of your clients or potential clients asks a new question. From answering these questions or in finding the connections between the world around you and your clients you’ll easily have content which you expand upon.

Once you find a topic that you are confident about and begin writing, you will want to be sure to incorporate key words that are related to your topic, local market, and similar to what international buyers would use when searching for property. This helps search engines like Google determine where to place you on their search results.

After all this work, let’s face it, sometimes there are not enough hours in a day to get blogging on a regular basis. Enlisting the help of a freelance blogger is a good option to ensure you stay on track with timely, relevant posts that will keep your blog up-to-date and on the search engines’ radar. There are many options in the world of freelance, and it can be easy to get lost in deciding who to hire. By knowing what questions to ask potential freelancers, you’ll be able to find a writer who can meet your needs and help lay the foundation for a successful blog that is sure to reach buyers near and far. Below are a few questions that serve as a great start for finding the right freelance blogger for your needs.

Questions for Freelance Bloggers:

  • Do you have knowledge and experience writing about real estate topics? Are you also familiar with considerations for cross-border transactions?
  • Can you point me to examples of work you’ve done that will give me a better sense of how you’ll approach developing content for my site?
  • How will you ensure my “voice” comes through in your writing, so my site makes a strong personal connection with visitors?
  • Will you be delivering original content that becomes my intellectual property?
  • How will we work together? What material will you need from me?

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