Quick Takeaways

  • Austin, TX—house values have risen almost 90% since 2012
  • Charlotte, NC—enjoys a diverse and robust economy
  • Dallas, TX—has a low cost of living and steady population growth

Source: Best Cities for Foreign Investment in US Real Estate (Home Abroad, Apr. 3, 2023)

The majority of international homebuyers in the United States are from Canada, Mexico and China, according to the 2022 Profile of International Transactions in U.S. Residential Real Estate. United States real estate is an attractive investment to foreign buyers for several reasons—stable government, a popular tourist destination and a wide variety of real estate options at diverse price points. New York City and Florida are both experiencing an influx of international buyers.

Be sure to research business etiquette for each country’s homebuyers for a successful transaction. Following international business etiquette is a sign of respect to your clients. It shows you have taken the time to learn about their culture and business practices. This empathy will serve you well with your international buyers.

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