REALTORS® as Champions

REALTORS® are everyday working Americans who are experts at helping consumers navigate the complexities of home purchases and advocates for fair housing and wealth building for all.


Build Wealth

REALTORS® help people achieve homeownership, the best and most accessible way for American families to build generational wealth.


Lead as Entrepreneurs

Most REALTORS® are small business owners – 65% of whom are women – who exemplify the entrepreneurial spirit of this country. 

Protect Consumers

Every REALTOR® is bound by a strict code of ethics that includes providing clients with all relevant information, such as about commissions.

Support Communities

As engaged neighbors, REALTORS® are committed to enhancing the communities they serve through significant philanthropy work and by advocating for fair housing for all.


Advise as Experts & Stewards

REALTORS® help people navigate financial, legal and community aspects of selling or buying a home in what are the most complex and consequential transactions most will ever make.


Contribute to Local Economy

Every home sale generates more than $100,000 in local economic activity, and every two home sales support one American job.

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Buying a Home

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Selling a Home

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Why Hire a REALTOR®

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The Essential Real Estate Agent

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3 Ways to Maximize the Value of your Real Estate Agent

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