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January: How Inflation and Market Volatility May Impact Your Plans for Retirement

Target Audience: Seasoned Agent

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REALTORS® preparing for retirement have a few impeding factors that may impact their plans. Learn new strategies to navigate the current inflation’s impact, gain an understanding of the time horizon, discover when a retirement portfolio should begin to transition, and how to insulate yourself from outside events. 

Complimentary resources included:

  • Presentation outline
  • Online/printable financial resources
  • Relevant video content

Speakers: Nic Daniels & Brian Wiley, Financial Advisors at The Real Money Pros

Brian Wiley
Nic Daniels

Nic Daniels and Brian Wiley are fiduciary-only Financial Advisors with Tree City Apollon, out of Boise, Idaho. Them and their team provide custom tailored retirement advice, financial planning, and business strategies to clients across the U.S. Additionally, Nic and Brian are parts of The Real Money Pros, an education-based website, podcast, and nationally syndicated radio show.

February Summit 2023

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  • Target Audience – New Agent

March 22, 2023: Credit Management & Awareness

  • Target Audience – Mid-Career Agent

April 12, 2023: How to Fund Higher Education – 529 Plan vs. Coverdell

  • Target Audience – Mid-Career Agent

May 3, 2023: 3 Key Strategies to Creating A Steady Income Stream During Retirement

  • Target Audience – Seasoned Agent

June Summit, 2023

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  • Target Audience – New Agent

July 26, 2023: Financial Conversations to Have With Your Agents

  • Target Audience – Seasoned Broker

August 23, 2023: National Financial Awareness

  • Target Audience – Mid-Career Agent

September 20, 2023: Safeguard Your Company With Business Insurance

  • Target Audience – New Agent

October 18, 2023: How to Transfer Or Rollover Your Retirement Account to Invest in Real Estate—Tax-Free

  • Target Audience – Seasoned Agent

November 8, 2023: Financial Considerations for Rental and Investment Properties

  • Target Audience – Mid-Career Agent

December 13, 2023: Risk Management and the Year Ahead

  • Target Audience – New Agent

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