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White Emerges as ‘It’ Color for Holiday Staging

White has become a classy go-to color this holiday season, and it’s perfect when staging a home during the holidays. Whether it’s white table linens, holiday stockings, ornaments, or even an all-white tree, the neutral color can be a way to decorate a home for-sale during the holidays without distracting from the home’s overall decor. More traditional holiday hues—like red and green—can take on more prominence in a home. But white blends right in to any color scheme, and can still offer warmth and yuletide cheer for the holidays.

The white artificial Christmas tree is among one of the hottest holiday decorating trends this year. These trees can look elegant and be a perfect staging solution for the holidays, in which your owners still want a tree but you don’t want it to overpower or distract a space.

There is a decorating trick to these trees in staging, however. Unlike more traditional Christmas trees, white trees tend to pull from a more muted color scheme.

Here are a few other tips to decorating an all-white or white-frosted tree:
White LED lights: The base of all-white lights will help create a soft, warm glow on your tree. Red, blue, or multicolored lights on an all-white tree will really stand out so it may be best to avoid when staging.

Use white ornaments: White on white? You bet! The key here is to mix in different textures of ornaments to avoid too monochromatic of a look.

Avoid contrasting colors: Besides white, use more softer shades like creams and soft grays for the ornaments and garland. Contrasting colors, like red or blue, may be too harsh against the all-white base.

Add some shine: Mix in some sparkle with silver or gold ornaments or accent picks.

Channel a farmhouse look: The white tree can be perfect to complete a farmhouse look. Decorate the tree with a burlap ribbon in a zig-zag pattern all the way down the tree, and repeat all around. Add in a few white spray-painted pinecones and even some cotton accents.


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