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Which Color Combinations Go Well Together In Staging?

By Lindsey Schroeder, Archway Construction

Conventional wisdom says to paint everything white when a home is up for resale — but savvy sellers know color can actually be a smart staging tool.

A well-chosen color scheme in furniture and décor can do more than add appeal to rooms -- it can evoke strong emotional responses. Potential buyers may find themselves drawn to a home with restful tones in the bedrooms, for example, and with unified access throughout.

Consider these tips for using color combinations in staging:

1. Keep the colors cohesive: All the rooms don’t have to match, but do try to keep a unified sense of style throughout the kitchen, bedrooms, bathrooms, and living areas. Paint the largest spaces soft, neutral hues and use accent colors in smaller spaces -- with nods to bolder colors throughout. Match all the molding with a bright white color, or use complementary decorating accessories in all the main living areas in order to create an open sense of flow.

2. Use red color schemes to energize, blues to calm: Red is a bold, invigorating color best used in spaces where activity takes place — the kitchen or the dining room, for example. Blues, on the other hand, work well in spaces where buyers will want to find rest, like bedrooms and bathrooms.

3. Think green for trendy impact: Popular today as nature's neutral, green is hot in staging because it goes with everything from bold yellows to muted grays. Use it in small doses throughout a home -- think throw pillows, accent walls or artwork — to enliven drab spaces.

When staging, remember that colors create a sense of style. Choose tones that evoke the responses and feelings you’re going for — and help home buyers fall in love with a property.

How do you use color in staging to draw buyers in?

AUTHOR BIO: Lindsey Schroeder is the voice behind all social media accounts and blogs for Archway Construction, home renovators and remodelers that have served Metro-Chicago for over 27 years. She also loves working with homeowners in ensuring that their color choices compliment the overall look of their homes.


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