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The Secret to Supersizing a Listing

From cabinets and closets to attics and garages—when a home’s storage spaces seem like they’re ready to burst at the hinges, listings look cluttered and messy, and they risk losing the interest of prospective buyers.

So what are some quick, easy tips that will expand a home’s appearance and result in a faster, more successful sale? Here are a few common “problem” areas you’ll want to tackle.

Bedroom Closets

Sellers often overlook their closets. Meanwhile, buyers love looking in them to see what the storage and wardrobe areas look like. When closets are densely packed, they look smaller and they scream out, “Not enough storage and closet space!” To make matters worse, items piled high on shelves are potentially dangerous; they can fall on unsuspecting buyers’ heads and kill a sale. Have your sellers start sorting and clearing away some of the clutter in their bedroom closets.


Buyers will scan countertops and look inside cabinets and drawers. Get rid of old pots and pans as well as chipped and mismatched plates. Clear off countertops and organize the drawers, so the kitchen cabinets and drawers look generous. The bottom line: You want people to view the kitchen in terms of its storage and function.

The refrigerator is another area that needs attention. Its doors are frequently flat trophy cases. School report cards, family photos, and to-do lists are often magnetically secured to the door’s surface. It’s better to remove all these personal items and leave the appliance unadorned.

The Incredibly Shrinking Home

Too much furniture, piles of magazines, or children’s toys scattered across the floor … a glut of goods makes an otherwise large home seem cluttered, unattractive, and small. Have your sellers get a head-start to moving out: Ask them to begin packing away belongings and put them in labeled boxes neatly stored away. It’ll make a big difference in clearing away some of the clutter and improving the home’s showings to potential buyers.


Myra Nourmand is a top-producing real estate professional in Beverly Hills and author of the book, “From Homemaker to Breadwinner”. For 25 years, Nourmand has been a REALTOR® for Nourmand & Associates. For more information about her and her book, visit:


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