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One Thing You May be Overlooking in Your Home Presentations!

By Ryan West, First Texan Realty

Smartphones have become a standard tool for a majority of people. When presenting a home to a potential customer, we must now consider an extra home presentation factor: signal strength.

Lead Paint

According to the EPA, “most homes built before 1960 contain heavily leaded paint”. While lead paint was banned in 1977, home owners are encouraged to not remove any lead paint that is in good condition. Lead paint is known to cause electromagnetic interference that will affect signal strength. Walk through different rooms and see if you experience any dramatic loss of signal. If you suspect lead paint may be causing an issue, I suggest hiring a professional to remove it.

Construction Materials

If you notice a decrease in cellular signal strength when you enter a home, the materials used in the construction of the home may be the culprits.

Older homes tend to have more of an issue with affecting cellular signals. Metal bolts, pipes, tools, and bars can contribute to a loss in cellular signal. While there is not much we can do when presenting a home with this issue, consider either purchasing a signal strength booster or suggesting such a device if the customer addresses the issue.

Other Devices

If you are staging a home and have included: microwaves, cordless phones, baby monitors, bluetooth devices, etc., be aware that these devices can affect signal strength and could possibly deter a customer. Many of these devices operate on a similar wave frequency. Having a large number will interfere with signal strength and Wi-Fi networks.

These are just a few items that may interfere with signal strength. With the popularity and access to smart phones, you may want to consider the signal strength more when presenting a home.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Ryan West writes about real estate and modern home presentation on behalf of First Texan Realty.


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