Quick Takeaways

  • Keep safety in mind at open houses
  • Be proactive instead of reactive
  • Practice situational awareness

Safety Tips Every Real Estate Agent Should Know (RISMedia, Jul. 30, 2021)

Find out how home houses have changed in response to COVID. NAR has put together guidelines for open houses and COVID and a guide for REALTORS® on the Coronavirus.

Will COVID kill off the open house permanently or just change it? Get open house benefits and media talking points from NAR, including the benefits of homeownership, buying and selling tips and the value of REALTORS®.

Get tips for making your open house a success! Hold your first open house the weekend after the property goes up for sale for maximum exposure.

Preparation is the key for a great open house experience. Clean, declutter and depersonalize the home. Pay attention to the curb appeal, too. UpNest has great preparation tips including getting the temperature and the lighting right. Create a flyer with important information from the homeowner, such as heating and utility costs.

Safety is vital for everyone at the open house. Have the homeowners hide or remove pets, valuables, prescription drugs or sensitive personal information such as checkbooks. For REALTORS®, work with a buddy at your open house and check in with your office. Ask for an ID, don’t give out garage or door codes and limit the number of people in the house for a safer open house. Working with a REALTOR® is the best way to avoid homebuying scams.

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